About ISAC

The International Society for Applied Computing is a non-profit and multidisciplinary scientific organization that exists to make scholarly communications better, including people within all fields of computer science interested in the applied technology. Applied computing refers to use the practical application of computer principles, concepts and technologies to address real-world problems. Applied computing uses aspects of computer science to solve problems in various disciplines, including politics, business, education, environment, engineering, biological, chemistry, physics, nano-sciences and nano-technology, statistics, economics, finances and social sciences. Working in this field, you'll likely use a range of programming, software engineering, graphic applications, networking and operating systems management skills to collect, analyze, store and distribute information that will help resolve issues for individuals, groups and companies.

The Society is dedicated to the development of applied computing technology in various disciplines. It promotes the international exchange of knowledge in the field of applied computing research. The Society provides for and maintains an international association for individuals and institutions who perform computer techniques, or are interested in applied computing. The association brings together scientists, engineers and managers from a broad range of disciplines with common interests. The role of ISAC is envisioned as consisting of organizing and conducting regular regional and international meetings, workshops and conferences, as well as distributing publications. It serves as a form for the international exchange of information about applied computing through the periodical publication of a journal, in addition to regular newsletters and conference proceedings. The society is exploring any opportunity to help its members succeed at the leading edge of their professions. Any suggestions or advices in regards to the Society's operation and development are welcome to deliver to us.  
ISAC membership is free of charge and is open to anyone who are working in the research field of computer science or interested in the development of applied computing technology in different disciplines. You can lend your support to our efforts on behalf of scientists, engineers, educators, and students everywhere by becoming a member. Together we can make a difference.