Service & FAQs

We hope these common FAQs will help answer your questions quickly and easily, but if you need further assistance on any matter, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

We are available to assist you:
Hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 18:00pm (GMT+8 Time Zone)


Question One: How do I become an ISAC Member?

If you would like to become an ISAC Member, go to our Membership page to learn more. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via


Question Two: When will I receive the Membership Certificate from ISAC?

A Membership Certificate will be issued by email once your application approved by us.


Question Three:How do I become a Committee member of ISAC?

If you are interested in joining us as Committee member, please send your CV to us via and your application will be processed in 1-3 working days.


Question Four: Where can I find information about my Membership?

You can refer to the confirmation email you received for several details regarding your Membership. This email serves not only as a receipt, but confirms your ISAC Member Number and outlines benefits.


Question Five: What Journals do I receive as part of my Membership?

Each Membership includes a subscription to Journal of The International Society for Applied Computing. The Journal offers an invaluable source of guidance and research in the computing technique and its applications. Members can also subscribe to ISAC regular newsletters and ISAC conference proceedings. For more information about each of these publications, visit the Publications page of our website.


Question Six:What newsletters do I receive as part of my Membership?

As an ISAC Member you will automatically receive the newsletters about our recent academic conferences, publications, social activities, academic visits or the development of ISAC.


Question Seven:How do I submit my paper to ISAC conferences?

If you are interested in publishing your paper in ISAC conference proceedings, please refer to the Meetings&Events page or the conference official website for submission.


Question Eight:How do I get an official invitation letter for attendance at the conference?

Invitation Letter can only be issued after your registration and payment finished. If you need one for your visa application, please send email to the conference secretary and an official invitation letter will be sent to you by email.


Question Nine:Do you provide any travelling support or free accommodation for ISAC members?

Yes, but only members who have made great contribution to the development of ISAC will enjoy such services provided by us.


Question Ten:As a member of ISAC, can I register at a discounted price for ISAC future academic conferences, publications, social activities or academic visits?

Of course, a discounted price will be provided for all of our members in any future activities.